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This office represents the White Sands Commander and the MICC - White Sands Contracting Office on all aspects of the Small and Disadvantaged Business program for acquisitions performed by the MICC - White Sands Contracting Office. This individual is responsible for coordination between White Sands activities and the commercial marketplace to maximize the number and dollar value of contract awards going to small and disadvantaged businesses. This individual is available to help small businesses in their efforts to learn how to do business with the Federal government and increase their chances of winning government contracts and subcontracts.

HQ MICC Small Business FY14 Mission Statement:  

"Implement the MICC Small Business Program by ensuring maximum practicable

opportunity is afforded to small business concerns."

Assistant Director, OSBP WSMR Location Phone E-mail FAX
Building 143, Room 212 (575) 678-1401 (575) 678-3883

Other Useful Small Business Resources

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Department of the Army Office of Small Business Programs
Small Business Size Standards
System for Award Management
Federal Business Opportunities
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Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
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