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White Sands Missile Range provides services to its employees at no cost and during working hours.  This program is staffed by an experienced staff that is available to discuss problems in a confidential, helpful manner.  


Photo: EAP Helping People


The Employee Assistance Program staff will help you address problems

that can adversely affect you as an individual and your job performance, reliability, and personal health. They may refer you to other professional services and resources within your community for further information and assistance.


Problems that employees have been helped with are:


  • Substance abuse
  • Job-related stress
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Health: physical or mental
  • Grief
  • Financial or legal
  • Marital, family, or significant other
  • Abuse or violence
  • Gambling



No information about your discussions with the Employee Assistance Program can be disclosed without your permission. There are regulations that require confidentiality and they provide penalties for unlawful or unauthorized release of information. EAPs may not release any information about employees seeking assistance without a signed consent.* It doesn’t matter if you are a non-supervisory employee, supervisor or manager, everything will be confidential.



There may be instances when it will be in an employee’s best interests to sign a release of information, such as when an employee is seeking accommodations for certain physical or emotional problems. Another example might be when an employee is involved in a potential disciplinary situation and wishes to show management his or her sincerity in seeking assistance with the problem or when an employee’s supervisor has advised him/her to seek assistance from the Employee Assistance Program. A supervisor might decide to hold any disciplinary action in abeyance pending a Positive change in the employee’s performance or conduct.



Employee Assistance Program staff consults with supervisors and other workplace consultants, such as, Inspector General, Staff Judge Advocate, Equal Employment Opportunity, Persons with Disabilities, Safety representatives, Labor Management representatives, Union representatives and Occupational Health staff. They also consult with human services in the civilian sector. Consultation is done in order to find the best solution to employee problems.



Every employee at White Sands Missile Range is eligible for services from the Employee Assistance Program and need only to call for an appointment (575) 678-2112.



The "Limits of Confidentiality" are threat to self or others, child abuse or elder neglect is suspected.  Also, when a client threatens to commit a crime that will harm someone else or cause substantial property damage, law requires reporting to appropriate authorities and warning potential victims. 

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