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Photo of Mr. Edward O. Noble
	Pioneer in Development of Range Optics
	Served 1952 - 1979
	Inducted 1992

Mr. Edward O. Noble was born on May 1, 1927 in Liberty Hill, Texas. He attended Texas Agricultural and Industrial University in Kingsville, Texas, where he earned degrees in physics and chemistry.

Noble started work at White Sands in 1952 as a GS-05 physicist. In just seven years he advanced from that position to a supervisory physicist administrator job at the GS-15 level.

During a career that lasted through the end of 1979 Noble was cited for his outstanding work as a scientist, engineer and manager. During the entire time he played a major role in developing and acquiring state-of-the-art instruments to meet the testing needs of the missile range’s customers. When he retired Noble was technical assistant to the National Range Operations Directorate.

In addition to his distinguished career with White Sands, Noble served as a city commissioner of Las Cruces from 1958 to 1962 and was mayor from 1960 to 1962. At a time when relations were sometimes strained between the city and the missile range, Noble is credited with laying the groundwork for a closer and more cordial relationship between the two.

Many missile range people played important roles in developing and nurturing the idea of the extension areas on the north and west sides of the range. Noble was a major driver in getting the initial extension established especially when it came to convincing officials in Washington that it was a valuable and workable idea.

Under Noble's guidance the missile range developed and published the "Range Users Handbook." This document has become the bible for conducting tests at White Sands.

Finally, Noble piloted the way in another modernization effort when he led the successful endeavor to obtain the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility at White Sands.

During Noble's career his more notable awards include the Meritorious Civilian Service Award and the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service.

He and his wife Mari live in Mesilla Park, NM and have two sons, John and Jim, who work for TRAC and NR.

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