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The MGR-1 Honest John was the first surface to surface rocket in the U.S. Army that could carry a nuclear warhead. Designed for close support of front line troops its launcher was designed to be mounted on a standard U.S. Army truck. With no electronic guidance systems Honest John was a simple and mobile point and shoot delivery system that packed a bigger punch than standard artillery guns.

To expand the support Honest John could provide to front line troops several different types of non-nuclear warheads were developed including conventional, chemical, and anti-personnel variants.

Developed By: U.S. Army
Length: 27 feet
Diameter: 30 inches
Weight: 5,800 pounds
Range: 12 miles
Propellant: Solid
First Firing: 1951
Patch: 1st Missile Command (Note: The missile is Honest John)

1st Missile Command

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Introducing the Honest John

Icon: Another great U.S. Army movie!

Non-Nuclear Warhead for Honest John

Photos: Honest John
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