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Resource Management OfficeExpand Resource Management Office
Plans, Analysis & Integration Office (PAIO)
Admin Office


Our office is responsible for programming, budgeting, controlling and administering the use of appropriated funds. We serve as the principal point of contact below the Garrison Command Group for solving problems in the Resource Management arena. Our goal is to work with organization directors and staff officers to resolve known or potential management problems involving force structures, resource utilizations, productivity improvements, general management and other organizational matters. Please direct questions and comments to (575) 678-2204, (575) 678-1757 or (575) 678-0256.

Budgeting Functions

  • Budget preparation, justification and execution
  • Budget and financial reports
  • Budget management
  • Acceptance of reimbursable orders
  • Fund certification
  • Programming
  • Fiscal advice and stewardship
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