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WSMR JAGIntroduction

This is the third publication of the White Sands Missile Range Legal Services Handbook. It is a summary of various local civilian laws, installation regulations and other important legal information that you should be aware of whether you are visiting, living on, or stationed at "Team White Sands". This pamphlet should be a starting point to assist you in beginning to resolve a legal issue. This pamphlet does not state final legal conclusions, but will allow you to understand when you may have a legal issue that requires professional assistance. Once you recognize that you need assistance with any legal issue, we in the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate are ready to help you find a solution.

This pamphlet uses the term "soldier" and occasionally the terms "he," "his," and "him." These terms were used to keep this handbook short and readable. We recognize the diversity of those working and living on White Sands Missile Range and wrote this pamphlet for all of the men and women assigned here.

This pamphlet can help you most if you read it before you have a legal issue.

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