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ALL ACCIDENTS ARE REPORTABLE. Regardless of the severity of an occurrence, an accident or incident will be reported through management and safety channels. Reports will include all personnel injuries and equipment damage. In addition, any injury or damage to equipment, caused or suspected to be caused by WSMR employees, must be reported in an expeditious manner

Upon witnessing or informed of a serious accident or personnel injury dialĀ 911 or (575) 678-1234.

Provide the accident location, your name and contact number, the type of accident, extent of injury and/or equipment damage, and the actual or estimated time of the event.

Administrative Accident Reporting and Accident Investigation Requirements

Safety Office requirements for accident reporting and investigation are conducted IAW AR 385-10, DA Pam 385-40, and WSMR 385-18

White Sands supervisors are responsible to ensure all accidents are promptly reported and investigated to determine root causes, Finding and recommendations resulting from safety investigations are used to enhance installation accident prevention efforts.

Accident Reporting Documents and Forms
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