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 WSMR Command Safety Policy



1. The safety and well-being of every military member, civilian employee, family member and contractor working/residing on this installation is critical. I expect all personnel to contribute to a culture of safety and to maintaining a safe and healthful workplace. Every leader is accountable for the safety, occupational health of their employees.  Safety performance will be reflected in all OERINCOER's and civilian appraisals  as a rating element.

2. Declining resources, increasing commitments, and technological changes require us to be conduct continuous  risk analysis. I expect each workplace to conduct a risk assessment  of activity be performed to ensure potential hazards are identified and that risks are mitigated where possible to the lowest levels.  If hazards cannot be mitigated to low levels of risk, look at alternatives that allow us to complete our tasks. Where moderate or high level risks remain I retain the authority to approve those operations and tests. The Installation Safety Office stands ready to assist with this requirement.


3. The preservation of lives and well-being of our military and civilians are essential.  I challenge every member of Tearn WSMR to not only develop a safety culture on-duty but also one at home and with your family.  Operate privately owned vehicles/motorcycles safely, wear seat belts and personal protection equipment, operate home appliances  and equipment according to manufacturer's specifications, and consider risks associated with leisure and sporting activities.  Instill this safety culture within your families.  You are our most valuable asset and I need each and every one of you.


4. POC for this policy is the Installation Safety Office, 575-678-2305.  This policy will be disseminated to all employees  and a copy posted on all official bulletin boards. This memorandum supersedes  memorandum, subject: Policy letter #12:  Safety Policy, 24 Sep 12.


Brigadier General, USA

 WSMR Garrison Command Safety Policy



1. Safety is a major component in everything we do on White Sands Missile Range. Safety awareness and the use of Composite Risk Management is a full time responsibility of all Garrison employees.

 2. Safety starts with leadership instilling its seriousness in their teams. I encourage everyone to empower the attitude that all accidents can be prevented through the use of effective supervision, implementation of Composite Risk Management, and situational awareness.

 3. I expect leaders to do four things. First, analyze the hazards of each job. Second, use the Composite Risk Management process and worksheet to document known hazards and to direct actions to mitigate risk. A signed risk assessment worksheet is a lawful directive. Third, give safety guidance to all activities. Fourth, ensure leaders at all levels set reasonable safety standards, and enforce them.

 4. In the event of reportable Class B or Class C accidents directors will have the responsibility to investigate and report findings in an effort to prevent future accidents. In the event of a Class A accident I will take responsibility to ascertain findings.

 5. Organizations will disseminate this policy to all personnel and post a copy on official bulletin boards.



 WSMR Installation Safety Office Vision Statement

We are committed to the health and safety of White Sands Missile Range employees, contractors, and the community. We believe that the only acceptable level of injuries or incidents is zero. To achieve this goal, we will continuously improve our processes, require individual accountability, and promote comprehensive safety awareness. We expect all employees to be constantly mindful of potential hazards, faithfully adhere to us safety standards and actively participate in and support the advancement of our health and safety practices. Everyone shares in the responsibility of safety.


 Safety Links and Tips

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