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WSMR Army Ready and Emergency Management Training Instructions

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WSMR Army Ready Emergency Management
To take Employee CBRNE Awareness Training:
  1. Go to — This will take you to the AKO login page.
  2. Log on with CAC — This will open the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Home Page.
  3. Click on the "Take Courses" button in the upper right-hand corner — This will open the JKO Learning Management System Window.
  4. Place cursor on "Enrollment" and click on "Browse Courses."
  5. Under the "Joint Courses" tab, click on the "J3O" tab.
  6. Locate required courses and click on "enroll" located in column left of course:
    • J3OP–US257 EPRC for CBRNE Clinician Long Course
    • J3OP–US258 EPRC for CBRNE Clinician Short Course
    • J3OP–US259 EPRC for CBRNE Operator Long Course
    • J3OP–US260 EPRC for CBRNE Operator Short Course
    • J3OP–US261 EPRC for CBRNE Basic Awareness Course
    • J3OP–US262 EPRC for CBRNE Executive Commander Course
  7. On your JKO home page, place cursor on "My Schedule" and click "My Courses." Enrolled courses and passed courses will display.
  8. To enter course, click on "Launch Course."
  9. Follow instructions provided to complete course.
  10. To obtain certificate from Home Page, click on "Official Certificate" or "Download Official Certificate."
If you are having problems locating the material, please click here or call (575) 678-5237/(575) 678-3803.

To view CBRNE Employee Awareness Video & Employee Awareness Brochure:

  1. Go to
  2. Log on with CAC.
  3. Place the cursor on Community, and then move down to and click on "CBRNE Community."
  4. On CBRNE Community Information page, locate "ECBC Homeland Defense Employee Awareness program" and click on it.
  5. Both the video and brochure are located on this page. the brochure is also offered in Spanish.
Note: The video may take a couple of minutes to load.
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