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WSMR EEO Office Logo
The mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program is to manage the Commander’s EEO program to eliminate unlawful employment discrimination. EEO provides quality program, management services and promotes a diverse workforce founded upon equality of opportunity. It is the EEO Office’s vision to have a workplace where people trust that they will be treated fairly and empowered to achieve their best. Managers and supervisors who make decisions about hiring, training, performance, promotions or work assignments must implement EEO as an integral part of personnel management.

The EEO staff serves as the Commander’s primary advisor on EEO/Affirmative Employment, manage the Department of the Army complaints processing system, provide EEO related training and provide leadership and guidance in administering the Affirmative Employment Program.

EEO Officer:
Phone: (575)678-5803
EEO Staff:
EEO Specialist, Complaints Manager
Phone: (575) 678-8028
EEO Specialist, Complaints Manager
Program for Individuals with
Disabilities Manager
Phone: (575) 678-2831
EEO Office Location:
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Building 124, Room 233, Crozier Street
White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002
EEO Office Phone: (575) 678-1291
EEO Office Fax: (575) 678-1578
DSN: 258
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