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REFERENCES: AR 600-8-101


Newly arriving Soldiers will report to the Installation Human Readiness Support Center (IHRSC), located in Bldg 465, Rm 134. Should you encounter any difficulties or have any questions upon your arrival, contact the Staff Duty Office, Bldg 1417, 678-8999. This office is open 24 hrs, seven days a week. Personnel arriving after duty hours, report to the Staff Duty Office, Bldg 1417, Phone 678-8999.

Soldiers arriving at WSMR will receive a convenient and short in-processing. Enlisted soldiers PV1 through SFC can expect to in-process in 5 workdays, MSG through CSM and officers can expect 2-3 workdays to in-process.

- All Soldiers are required to report to the IHRSC, Bldg 465, Rm 134 for in-processing. You will need to present the following documents:

  • 5 copies of orders with amendments (if applicable)
  • Leave Form, DA Form 31 (if applicable)
  • Military Personnel File (MPF), with SGLV and DD93
  • All finance records
  • Medical and dental records
  • Promotion packets of all SPC (E-4) and SGT (E-5) in promotion status
  • Copy of latest Officer Record Brief (ORB)/Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)
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