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Mos/Medical Retention Board (MMRB)



Soldiers who have P3/P4 profiles must appear before an MMRB or MEB/PEB for availability to PCS or attendance at NCOES. Upon initiation, your profile, DA Form 3349, must be provided to your commander for reporting purposes.

An MMRB is scheduled monthly in Bldg 124. The MMRB consists of 5 voting members who will determine your medical/MOS status: 1) retain, 2) probation, 3) reclassification, and 4) Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). Additional information is provided below. The final MMRB recommendation will be approved by the Commanding General and forwarded to Department of the Army for inclusion in the soldier’s Official Military Personnel Record.


SUBJECT: Medical Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Review Board (MMRB) Procedures

1. The MMRB is an administrative screening board, conducted formally, to determine a soldier´s ability to perform primary MOS or specialty code duties satisfactorily worldwide under field conditions. The MMRB convenes monthly and consist of five voting and two non-voting members (personnel representative and recorder).

2. All soldiers possessing a 3 or 4 permanent profile must appear before an MMRB or go directly to a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). Profiles are provided to Enlisted Management MMRB Section for action. The MMRB recorder reviews the profiles for accuracy, schedules an MMRB, and forwards board notifications to the soldier´s command.

3. While conducting the MMRB and prior to each soldier´s physical appearance, the personnel representative and medical officer briefs Board members on information relative to the soldier. This information is provided to familiarize the Board on the soldier´s personnel and medical situation. As soldiers appear in front of the Board, members may ask questions pertaining to the soldier´s profile and MOS/specialty related duties. Soldiers are encouraged to speak freely so that all facts are revealed.

4. The MMRB makes one of four recommendations to the convening authority after appearance at the board:

a. Retain current PMOS or specialty code.

b. Placement in a probationary period not to exceed 6 months. The MMRB can recommend probation if it is determined that soldier´s medical condition can be improved over a period of time. Soldiers will return to a scheduled MMRB at the end of their probationary period.

c. Reclassification or change in specialty code. Recommendation for reclassification can be made only when soldiers do not meet the physical requirements of their PMOS/grade, but possess the physical ability to perform in a current shortage or balanced MOS or specialty. Reclassification should not be recommended for soldiers when retraining requirements would not be cost effective.

d. Referral to the MEB/PEB. Soldiers should be referred into the MEB/PEB when profile prohibits participation in at least an alternate aerobic event for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), firing a weapon, wearing of Kevlar, wearing of load bearing equipment and wearing a protective mask.

5. Board members may discuss recommendations among themselves and vote unanimously, or vote individually. Once a decision is made, the soldier will report again to the president of the board for results.

6. Soldiers may submit a written rebuttal to any of the findings or recommendations if he/she does not agree with the MMRB decision. The rebuttal will be in writing and submitted to the recorder within 2 working days after the board adjourns.

7. The recorder will provide MMRB results through the president of the Board to the MMRB convening authority for final approval within 7 working days after completing of the Board.

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