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REFERENCES: AR 600-8-101


  • Soldiers departing WSMR (Reassignment or Separation) need to contact the Installation Human Readiness Support Center (IHRSC), 3-4 weeks prior to their departure date to schedule an appointment and to pick up installation clearance papers. Installation clearance papers are issued 10 working days prior to the Soldier´s scheduled departure date. We are located in Bldg 465, Rm 134. Our telephone number is 678-7380. Personnel with appointments have priority over walk-ins, and are seen within 15 minutes of their appointment time.
  • Soldiers will report to the IHRSC for their scheduled appointment in proper duty uniform and with all necessary documentation. Prior to arriving at the IHRSC, each Soldier should have a date for pick up of household goods and a final housing clearance date for termination of government quarters. It is the Soldier’s Chain of Command and Unit S1 responsibility to ensure that the Soldier has the proper paperwork prior to arriving at the IHRSC. Soldiers without the proper documentation will be sent back to their respective Unit S1 for the proper paperwork.
  • Required documents for out-processing:
    • One copy of orders and all amendments (Unit S1)
    • DA Form 31, leave form with signature and title of approving authority in block 13 (Unit S1) NOTE: If Soldier is taking PTDY, a signature and title by Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) or above is required in block 13 of DA Form 31 (AR 600-8-10, Sec 5-31) (Unit S1)
    • DA Form 137-1-R, Unit Clearance Papers (Unit S1)
    • Port call information (overseas only) (IHRSC, Bldg 465, Rm 134)
    • DA Form 4036-R, Medical/Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement NOTE: Must be signed by a medical and dental officer (Medical Clinic/Dental Clinic)
    • Transportation paperwork

HOURS OF OPERATION for out-processing and issue of installation clearance papers are Monday - Friday from 0700-1630, by appointment only.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the Strength Management Branch Staff at any time. Our numbers are: DSN 258-7380/5971, (575) 678-7380/5971.

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