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Officer & Nco Evaluation Reports (Oer/Ncoer)

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REFERENCE: AR 623-3, DA Pam 623-3

General. The NCOER is a vital tool used by HRC to consider soldiers for future assignments, schools, promotion, and retention in the Army. The NCOER provides vital information that provides formal and permanent record of personnel management qualifications. The NCOER is initiated when the rater changes, if 12 months has elapsed since the last report was rendered, upon retirement or permanent change of station, due to a relief, during periods of TDY or during upcoming promotion boards. Minimum time for rater and senior rater must be met. Unit rating schemes and close contact with your units are vital to timely processing.

Information. Effective 1 April 2008 all Officer Evaluation Reports (OER) and Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOER), except Army National Guard (ARNG) NCOER must be electronically submitted to Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) via Army Knowledge Online (AKO) My Forms for processing into an Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).

  • This requirement supports two separate initiatives. First, it prepares the Army for evaluation preparation and submission in a fully electronic environment facilitating a smooth transition to Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) in October 2008. Second, electronic submission provides reliable, quick, and relatively error free documents to HQDA. HQDA level processing can continue from this point much faster due to reduced numbers of errors.
  • Electronic submission in My Forms requires that evaluations be prepared with digital signatures. Classified evaluations will be submitted in paper format.
  • Training on My Forms and all aspects of evaluation processing in My Forms is available at the Evaluations Webpage at . Special rater circumstances and common errors are addressed in this training. The training site is updated regularly based on user feedback.
  • In order to be submitted electronically in My Forms, OER must be version 4.00 or higher and NCOER must be version 6.00 and higher. Units are advised to stop using the older versions immediately. Evaluations already initiated on older form versions will not be accepted in My Forms. Always initiate evaluations from the Army Publishing Directorate website or within My Forms to ensure you are using the latest version.
  • Because My Forms interfaces with AKO Email in the routing and electronic submission of evaluations, it is extremely important to check AKO email on a daily basis. Ideally, users should ensure that their AKO email is forwarded to their work email address. For those individuals who are unable to or choose not to forward their AKO email to their work email accounts, they should make it a habit to check their AKO inbox daily for any My Forms related traffic.
  • Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) will authorize exemptions on a limited basis for those units with significant technological challenges . Currently the only blanket exception to electronic submission applies to deployed units. After 1 April 2008 deployed units and deployed rating officials will continue to have pre-existing submission options such as My Forms on AKO, attaching evaluations to emails, NCOER Upload, and paper format by mail. NOTE: After 1 May 2008 deployed units or those with approved exemptions will mail any paper copies of Active and Reserve NCOER to Commander, Human Resources Command – Alexandria , ATTN: AHRC-PDV-ER, 200 Stovall Street , Alexandria , VA 22332 .
  • Units with significant technological challenges to this requirement have several options:
    1. For users experiencing difficulties with downloading the PureEdge Viewer, Silanis Approve-it, and Middleware software or for questions regarding the general use of AKO My Forms, contact Army Publishing Directorate at or call DSN 328-0545 or COMM (703) 428-0545.
    2. For units with technological resource challenges, submit a request for exemption memorandum to the Evaluation Systems Office, HRC. Once approved, the exempted unit must mail reports in paper format to HQDA until they are able to use My Forms on AKO. In the request for exemption memorandum, units will identify the obstacles that keep them from adapting to this new environment and provide a projected date by which they expect to overcome these obstacles.
  • Exemption request format. Send a memorandum to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, ATTN: AHRC-PDV-E, 200 Stovall Street , Alexandria , VA 22332 . The request memorandum may also be scanned and emailed to with the subject line "Request for Exemption from Electronic Submission." Before a request can be favorably considered, POC needs to know, as a minimum: (1) full name, rank, social security number (SSN), and official email address of the senior rater for evaluation reports requiring paper submission, (2) reason for inability to use electronic report submissions, (3) length of time needed for the exemption, and (4) point of contact information. Requests will be signed by the commander of the unit requesting exemption.
  • Selection boards will continue to review and assess all documents placed in an OMPF regardless of ink or electronic signature. Soldiers will not be penalized if evaluations are submitted non-electronically.


  • 97.5% of NCOER completed and received by HRC, with no errors, within 60 days from ending period of report.
  • 97.5% of OER completed and received by HRC, with no errors, within 90 days from ending period of report.


  • 100% of NCOER completed and received by AG, with no errors, within 30 days from ending period of report.
  • 100% of OER completed and received by AG, with no errors, within 60 days from ending period of report.


  • S1s run e-MILPO query to identify Officers and NCOs who are due an annual evaluation report.
  • S1s send notices to raters to complete the report to meet supplier standards listed above.
  • AG must be notified of other type reports (i.e., Change of Rater/Duty, etc.,) NLT 30 days prior to ending period of report.
  • For guidance in preparing DA Form 67-9, refer to AR 623-3 paragraph 3-34.
  • Supplier Standard Performance Report is provided to GC advising them of their monthly performance in these areas.


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