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Voter Assistance

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  • Provide Voting Assistance to all Soldiers, Family Members, and civilians.
  • There are two basic missions associated with the Army Voting Assistance Program.
    • The first mission is the traditional voting assistance provided to Soldiers, their family members, and overseas DA civilian employees and their family members.This is the primary focus of the program.Individual voting assistance consists of providing technical guidance that is given by the unit Voting Assistance Officers (VAOs).Further assistance can be obtained by using the installation’s chain of command.Unit VAOs, installation Senior Service Voting Representative, and finally the Federal Voting Assistance Program, DoD.
    • The second mission is to educate every Soldier about the importance and usefulness of voting and opportunities they have to participate in the voting franchise if they so desire. Direct command involvement is required to both meet this mission and ensure that it is accomplished within the limits of law and policy.

All White Sands Missile Range Major subordinate commands and tenant activities have appointed VAOs. These VAOs have all the materials needed to assist soldiers and family members to participate in the voting process. Every Soldier and family member should be given absentee ballot and information on how they can vote with their home state. If you have not registered to vote or you have not submitted your request for and absentee ballot contact your unit VAO or call the installation voting coordinator at 575-678-7645.

Unit Voting Assistance Officers:

  • White Sands Missile Range – 575-678-7645
  • 2nd Engineer Battalion – 575-993-6551
  • TRADOC/TRAC – 75-678-5895 or 575-678-7869.
  • Army Research Lab – 575-678-3685
  • McAfee Health Clinic – 575-678-1139
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center – 575-678-6122


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