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Chief of Naval Operations visits WSMR

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The Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson visited White Sands Missile Range Jan. 25. Richardson toured several key Navy facilities at WSMR to include the High Energy Laser System Test Facility, Desert Ship and the Missile Assembly Facility. The CNO's Public Affairs Officer Lt. Jackie Pau answered a couple of questions about his visit to WSMR and the future of the Navy.

What is the purpose of your visit to WSMR?

This is Admiral Richardson's first time visiting White Sands Missile Range as CNO and the purpose of his visit is to get a better understanding of the work being done, particularly in the area of directed energy.

What does WSMR contribute to the Navy?

The mission of the Navy is to protect the homeland by combating threats far away from shores and the work done at WSMR directly contributes to that. WSMR is working on critical technology which is vital to maintaining a competitive advantage for the Navy in an increasingly strategic environment.

Why does the Navy see the railgun as the future?

 Railgun will allow the Navy to strengthen naval power at and from the sea, a key component of the Navy's strategy to maintain maritime superiority today and well into the future.

 What did he take away from his visit to WSMR?

The initiative and innovation of personnel at WSMR ensures that the Navy will continue to maintain its competitive edge.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

The CNO is very thankful to all the personnel who made this trip possible.

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