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Climatic Test Facilities
CountermeasuresExpand Countermeasures
Dynamics Testing and Facilities
Electromagnetic Test Facilites
Electronic Warfare
Aerial Cable Range
Chemistry Laboratory
High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility
Information Operations Laboratory
Launch Facilities
Metallurgy Laboratory
Pulsed Laser Vulnerability Test System (PLVTS)
Warheads Test Facilities & Impact Areas
Hazardous Test Area (HTA)
Warhead Impact Target (WIT)
National Radar Cross Section Test Facility (NRTF)
Holloman High Speed Test Track (HHSTT)
Acoustic Research Complex (ARC)
Space Facilities
Active Countermeasures 

Many Active Countermeasures are available:


           Obscurant  Grenades (Multi-band: 66- millimeter smoke MBS; Phosphorus: L8A3)

           Flamethrower (burning diesel)


            Lamps: MIRS, CERMAC

Narrowband Pulsed and CW Lasers

            Ultraviolet (200-400 nm)

            Visible (400-800 nm)

            Mid-IR (800-5000 nm): Low and High PRF; Repeater: Fast, Damn Fast; Beamrider

            Far IR ( > 5000 nm)

            False Target Generator; Universal Semi-Active-Laser-Guidance Jammer

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