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TestingThe 300K Dynamics Test Facility is located 2 miles from the main post area and is approved for the testing of explosive test items up to 5,000 lbs of Class 1.1. Several electrodynamic vibration exciters (shakers) are available for testing, having force ratings ranging from 2,000 to 50,000 lbf. Large reaction masses accommodate multiple exciters for tests involving large forces, massive test items, or multiple degrees-of-freedom excitation. A wide range of test setups can be accommodated in particular large structure testing using multiple shakers. Simultaneous temperature conditioning testing can be provided during vibration and shock testing

Shock testing is performed on 60" x 60", 36” x 36”, and 12" x 12" shock machines. Pyrotechnic shock simulations can be performed using a resonant beam fixtures (metal to metal impact) or by the use of explosive detonating cord. Loose cargo testing can be performed on a 6000 lb. capacity Package Tester.

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