3-6 Air and Missile Defense Test Detachment
AMDTD Emblem
The 3-6 Air and Missile Defense Test Detachment provides expertise and knowledge support of Air and Missile Defense (AMD) programs to conduct developmental tests, flight tests, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) development for all AMD modernization programs. Provide support for Army and Joint experimentation and War Gaming. Provide assistance in the development and refinement of TTP and provide subject matter expertise to support engineering and material development efforts.


The 3-6 Air Defense Artillery Test Detachment at White Sands Missile Range increases its troop strength in October of 2018...Read article

 AMDTD Commander

AMDTD Commander
MAJ Benjamin W. Klandrud
AMDTD Commander
White Sands Missile Range

 AMDTD First Sergeant

AMDTD 1st Sergeant
1SG Yancy J. Hampton
AMDTD First Sergeant
White Sands Missile Range


Building 1506, HQ Avenue
WSMR, NM 88002
(575) 678-7946
(575) 678-8374
(575) 678-7945
Orderly Room
(575) 678-8381
(575) 678-2515
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