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bullet Technical IA Training - providing clear, concise, up to date training for WSMR Staff.

bullet Compliance - ensuring WSMR customers and employee IS’s are DoD regulation compliant.

bullet Policy and Planning - Implementing and maintaining IA policy and emergency planning.

bullet Vulnerability Management - Responding and identifying threats and vulnerabilities.

bullet Information Security - Ensuring that Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accountability are met across WSMR Networks.


bullet DIACAP - maintaining DIACAP accreditation and compliance.

bullet COMSEC - maintaining and pursuing Communications Security at WSMR.

bullet INFOSEC - maintaining and pursuing information security at WSMR.

bullet Network Monitoring - monitoring and maintaining event logs on the WSMR Network.

bullet Incident Response - providing timely and effective responses to IA incidents at WSMR.



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