Range Operations - IM

 Network Services Division

Network Services

Network Engineering Branch

Network and Cabling Planning, Design, Engineering, and Management Services

Operations Branch

Enterprise System, Range Data Storage, Service Desk, Web Services, and IT Support

Cyber Operations Branch

Accreditation, Vulnerability, and Cyber Policy Management and Training

 Transmission Services Division

Network Services

Communications Branch

Telephone, VTC, Intrution and Fire Detection Services

Installation Branch

Electronics, Cabling, DC Power Installation Services

Radio Spectrum Branch

Frequency Management, Radio, Command Control, and Flight Termination Services

Transmission Branch

Structured Cable, Transport Network, Control Center/Field Station, Mobile Van Electronics, and Intercom Services

 Mission Services Division

Network Services

Network Operation Center (NOC)

Real-Time Test Network, Intrusion Detection, Transport Power, VTC, and Alarm Services

Field Operations

Range Communications Infrastructure, Flight Terminations, and Radio Support

Inter-Range Control Center

Distributed Test Conduct, Network Control Modeling/Simulation, and Data Management

Electronic Document and Visual Information Branch

Photography, Videography, Audio, Graphic Design, and Training Support

 Project Services Division

Network Services

Systems Engineering

Mission and Installation Capability Assessment, Requirements Evaluation, Project Resourcing, Scheduling, Engineering Tools and Models

 Telephone Services Division

  • Telephone, Cell, Voicemail, and Directory Services
  • Intrusion and Fire Detection, Access Control, CCTV
  • Hand Held Radio Programming
  • Electronic Emergency Vehicle Equipment Support

(575) 678-6332

(575) 678-2121

Cellular Phones
(575) 678-2121

Telephone Services
(575) 678-1111

 Electronic Division

  • Video and Photography Services
  • Graphic Arts Products
  • Media Reproduction
  • VTC Support

(575) 678-2868

 Range Operations Support

  • Test Telecommunications Facilities Support
  • Radio Electronics Support
  • Mobile Mission Communications Support

(575) 678-7575

 Information Assurance

  • Accreditations, Compliance, Policy, Planning, and Training
  • Information Security
  • Scanning and Monitoring
  • Incident Response

(575) 678-3199

 Our Mission

The mission of the IM Directorate is to provide the highest quality service support and assistance to all users, customers and support personnel.

 Our Vision

To be a leading source of IT Customer Service and support by leveraging teamwork, technology, knowledge, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence.

 Customer Support

  • Information System Hardware, Software, Networking, and Security Support
  • Data Center and Network Support
  • Project Management
  • Web Services
For customer support and more information contact the WSMR Service Desk: