bullet Main Telephone Switch

  • Maintenance and Programming of the SL-100 Main Switch
  • Maintenance and Programming 10 remote sites
  • Maintain Voicemail System
  • Securelogix Firewall
  • DSLAM routers
  • Access Nodes
  • Channel Banks
  • Circuit Equipment

bullet Telephone Installation

  • Installation and Repair Support for the WSMR cantonment area

bullet Operators/Cell Phones

  • Provide telephone assistance for CONUS and OCONUS locations
  • Produce WSMR Directory
  • Issue cell phones, blackberries for WSMR

bullet Customer Support Services

  •  Processing Work Order requests

bullet Database Administration

  • Administer Telephone Management System, Billing and Wireless Databases, Voicemail and Automated Directory Assistance
  • System Optimization
  • User accounts, passwords and access permission management
  • Provide user training
  • Data archival and clean-up

bullet Leased Communications

  • Primary Contracting Officer Representative for all WSMR telecommunication services
  • Telecommunications Ordering Officer

bullet Commo Electronic Section

  • Install, repair and maintain Intrusion Detection Systems, Fire Detection Systems , Access Control and Closed Circuit TVs
  • Provide support for all activities requiring Public Address Systems
  • Program all hand held radios
  • Install and Repair all electronic emergency vehicle equipment

bullet Machine Shop

  •  Manufacture and repair equipment parts
  • Perform machine work
  • Set-up and operate machine tools
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