The AGM-28 Hound Dog was an air to surface guided cruise missile designed to be launched from a B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber. B-52 bombers equipped with Hound Dogs carried 2 of these missiles (shown at right) and used them to attack and destroy enemy air defense elements allowing the B-52 to reach its targets.

Able to attack from high or low altitude Hound Dog was able to air burst at a preset altitude or explode on contact. Powered by a turbojet the supersonic Hound Dog was able to reach Mach 2.1 and was guided by an inertial navigation system allowing it to be accurate to a 2.2 mile radius. To carry out its mission the missile carried a 1 megaton nuclear warhead.

In addition to being a weapon Hound Dog could also act as an engine for the B-52. Its engine could fire and provide more thrust for the B-52 while it was still attached and it could be refueled in-flight by the bomberĀ“s pylon. The Hound Dogs were operational with bomber squadrons for 13 years.

Developed By: U.S. Air Force
Length: 43 feet
Diameter: 28 inches
Weight: 10,000 pounds
Range: 500+ miles
Propellant: Liquid
First Firing: 1960
Emblem: 42nd Bomber Wing, last Wing to use Hound Dog
Emblem of the
42nd Bomber Wing

(Last Wing to use Hound Dog)

Photo: Hound Dog postcard from White Sands Missile Range

Photos: AGM-28 Hound Dog
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