The MGM-31 Pershing I was a two-stage medium-range ballistic missile. Designed as a theater-level weapon this missile was the successor to the Redstone. Designed to be highly mobile, and having a Selective range capability, the Pershing became the Army´s "Sunday Punch. Requiring only 4 vehicles to transport and fire the missile made the Pershing able to be deposited into and operational area by aircraft, travel over land, or even be transported by ship. Equally effective in high and low temperature the Pershing was designed to operate anywhere.

Testing of this nuclear capable missile at White Sands involved off range firings from Fort Wingate, N.M. and several locations in southern Utah like Green River. The film Pershing Joins the Ranks chronicles this successful test series.

Developed By: U.S. Army
Length: 35 feet
Diameter: 40 inches
Weight: 10,000 pounds
Range: 100 - 400 miles
Propellant: Solid
First Firing: 1963
Patch: 56th Field Artillery Command

56th Field Artillery Command

Icon: Another great U.S. Army movie!

Pershing Joins the Ranks: The story of the first successful tests of the Pershing, tested by firing them on to White Sands Missile Range.

Icon: Another great U.S. Army movie!

Pershing - The Artillery Man´s Missile: The basics of how Pershing works and how it was tested.

Photos: Pershing I
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