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Guidelines and Procedures


In 1979, a suggestion was made that an appropriate form of acknowledgment would be the establishment of a Hall of Fame to permanently enshrine those employees who had made outstanding achievements while assigned to White Sands Missile Range . White Sands Management and the White Sands Pioneer Group coordinated and formulated the policies and guidelines necessary for employees to be considered and recommended for induction into the Hall of Fame. The first induction ceremony was conducted in July 1980. Originally, the Hall of Fame was only open to civilian and military personnel but in 1985 the criteria was broadened to include contractor personnel.


The primary purpose of the White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame is to recognize former White Sands Missile Range civilian, military and contractor personnel for outstanding contributions made to the range during their tenure at White Sands Missile Range .


a. Individuals who were permanently assigned to White Sands Missile Range at any time since its establishment in 1945 are eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame. Eligible candidates include:

  1. Military personnel
  2. Civilian federal employees (includes ATEC, IMA, and Team WSMR activities)
  3. Contractor personnel

b. Military, civil service, and contractor nominees must have terminated service with White Sands Missile Range before the date the nomination is submitted.

c. The nominee may be living or deceased.


a. The basis for the nomination will be a distinguished career at White Sands Missile Range . Contributions may include acts, deeds, or achievements such as the following examples:

  1. Research
  2. Inventions
  3. Weapon system acquisition
  4. Policies and procedures
  5. Methodology
  6. Programs
  7. Safety
  8. Modernization
  9. Public relations
  10. Equal opportunity
  11. Heroic action
  12. Community service
  13. Significant award

b. The nominee's acts, deeds, or service must have occurred while serving at the missile range.

c. The entire period of service must have been honorable in character.


a. Nominations will be made on the White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame Nomination Form. Enclosures are limited to historical documents appended to support specific facts cited in the justification entered on the nomination form; letters of endorsement are not considered historical documents and should not be included in the nomination. The information that serves as the basis and justification for the nomination must appear on the nomination form.

b. A complete nomination package may be submitted at any time throughout the year to the White Sands Installation Awards Coordinator. The Installation Awards Office will then forward the nomination to the White Sands Pioneer Group for their review. Once each nomination is forwarded to the WSPG, no additional information for that nomination will be accepted.

c. Nominations must be submitted to the Installation Awards Office by 31 March of each year to be considered for the current calendar year. Submit nominations to:

U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range
Directorate of Human Resources
ATTN: IMSW-WSM-HR ( Installation Awards Office )
White Sands Missile Range , New Mexico 88002

d. If the nominee is not selected for the Hall of Fame, the nomination may be submitted one more time for consideration. Re-nominations will be submitted in accordance with paragraph 5a.

e. For more information you may call (575) 678-3221.


a. PRELIMINARY REVIEW BOARD. All nominations received in the Incentive Awards Office will be forwarded to the White Sands Pioneer Group for preliminary review/recommendation no later than 15 April of each year.

b. SELECTION BOARD. After review by the White Sands Pioneer Group, all nominations will be submitted to the White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame selection board for review/recommendations to the White Sands Missile Range Commander no later than 30 April . A member of the Selection Board who is also a Hall of Fame nominator, will recuse him/herself from the review process on that particular nomination only. The selection board will be composed of the following individuals with no substitutions authorized.

  1. Deputy to the Commanding General/Technical Director - Chair
  2. Commander, WSTC - Member
  3. Deputy Commander, WSTC - Member
  4. Garrison Commander - Member
  5. Director, Information Operations Directorate - Member
  6. Director, Directorate of Installation Support - Member
  7. Director, Range Operations Directorate - Member
  8. Director, Materiel Test Directorate - Member
  9. Director, Directorate of Human Resources - Member
  10. Chief, Public Affairs Office - Member
  11. Deputy for Navy - Member
  12. Deputy for Air Force - Member
  13. President, White Sands Pioneer Group - Member
  14. Chairman, White Sands Pioneer Group Nominating Committee - Briefer
  15. Coordinator, Installation Awards Office - Recorder


The White Missile Range Hall of Fame Selection Board's recommendation will be submitted to the White Sands Missile Range Commander for approval/disapproval. The White Sands Missile Range Commander will maintain final selection authority for inducting nominees in the White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame. There is no criterion that establishes either a minimum or maximum number that can be inducted in a given year.


a. An induction ceremony will be conducted annually if there are one or more individuals to be honored.

b. An Inductee will receive a Hall of Fame medallion, a Hall of Fame lapel pin, an American Flag flown over White Sands Missile Range Headquarters Building that week, a citation certificate of induction and the inductee will become a permanent member of the Hall of Fame.

c. Approved recognition devices will be displayed in the White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame, depicting each member's contributions to the missions at White Sands Missile Range .


a. Coordinator, Installation Awards Office will:

  1. Solicit and accept nominations for the Hall of Fame.
  2. The Installation Awards Coordinator will log each nomination with date and time of receipt. Only one nomination per person can be accepted. If multiple nominations are received for the same individual, the Coordinator will return nominations to the originator to collaborate on a single submission.
  3. Make necessary arrangements and handle all administrative details of the selection committee.
  4. Prepare letters to notify all nominators and selected individuals of the final outcome of the selection process.
  5. Write a letter of invitation for the Commanding General's signature to the recipient and prepare the Invitational Travel Orders, if needed.
  6. Maintain case files on all nominations submitted. Original nominations will be held in the Installation Awards Office and copies forwarded to the Review and Selection Committees.
  7. Review each nomination logged for compliance with the Information Pamphlet 672-1.

b. Chief, Public Affairs Office will:

  1. Acquire and store materials in support of the Hall of Fame.
  2. Arrange for a photograph to be printed and mounted for the Hall of Fame.
  3. Prepare certificate(s) and medallion(s) for presentation.
  4. Publicize the selection of the recipient(s) in the Missile Ranger and send news releases to area newspapers.
  5. Plan the overall itinerary of events for the day of the presentation in conjunction with the White Sands Pioneer Group.

c. The White Sands Pioneer Group will:

  1. Convene a review board in order to provide the Selection Board with recommendations concerning the nominees.
  2. The Review Board will:
    • Maintain total confidentiality in nominee(s) identity and shall have no communication with the nominator or the nominee, or any person(s) referenced in the nominee's nomination package.
    • Review nominations and perform research if required.
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