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In the closing days of the war, America embarked upon its own rocket development program and established White Sands Proving Ground (now White Sands Missile Range) in New Mexico as its principal site for rocket testing and development.

In mid-August 1945, 300 railroad freight cars of V-2 components captured in the European Theater of Operations arrived in New Mexico. The Santa Fe Railroad spotted ten cars per day in Las Cruces, NM for unloading and transport by military and German personnel to the east side of the Organ Mountains.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the logistics problem, every railroad siding from El Paso, TX to Belen, NM, a distance of 210 miles, was full of cars. The Army hired every flatbed truck in Dona Ana County to move the material. The task was completed in 20 days.

Some of the components and material brought to White Sands included 215 combustion chambers, 180 sets of propellant tanks, 90 tail units, 100 sets of graphite jet vanes, and 200 turbopumps.

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