U.S. Army Counterintelligence - New Mexico (ACI-NM), Resident Agency

 Contact Information

For Emergencies Contact:


On base: 575-678-1234
Off base: 9-1-1


All Other CI matters contact us at:


Monday – Friday:  0830 – 1630
Commercial: 575-678-1920


After duty hours contact:


- (Duty phone) 443-628-8841
- (Duty phone) 443-628-8842
- (Duty Phone) 240-856-5150
- (Duty phone) 240-507-3784


You can also report online via iSalute


Or, visit us in-person: Room B4 in Building 124 on Crozier Street, WSMR, NM 88002

 When To Contact Us

  • Unauthorized personnel (U.S. or foreign) ask about Army or DoD force capabilities, critical information, or technologies
  • Suspecting someone having unauthorized contact with foreign government, military, or intelligence personnel
  • Suspecting potential compromise of defense information or security violations
  • Suspecting unauthorized intrusions or theft of sensitive computer system data
  • Suspecting someone is associated with or aiding a terrorist organization
  • Observing indicators of potential terrorist-associated insider threats
  • Any other matters you are unsure about and feel may be of interest to ACI
  • Lost or stolen classified or sensitive testing information or data (to include equipment and/or access badges)
  • Identified anomalies during testing (to include unidentified frequencies and unknown objects seen in testing data)


 Who We Are

​It is the mission of U.S. Army Counterintelligence (ACI) to detect, identify, counter, neutralize, and exploit hostile Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE) and International Terrorist Organizations (ITO) targeting U.S. Army personnel and equities, as well as, additional joint equities as designated by the Department of Defense (DoD). 


ACI is one of only three DoD Counterintelligence (CI) entities designated by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, as a "Military Department CI Organization" or "MDCO".  The other two DoD MDCO's are the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).


As an MDCO, Special Agents of ACI are recognized federal law enforcement officers tasked with conducting criminal CI investigations in conjunction with other CI activities.

 ACI-NM Area of Responsibility (AOR)

White Sands New Mexico Resident Agency AOR:

The State of New Mexico

Map: New Mexico Highway Map

Based on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), The New Mexico Resident Agency provides CI Support for Army equities within the state of New Mexico.  ACI-NM has stakeholders as far north as Farmington, NM to the southern portion of New Mexico on McGregor Training Complex bordering Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

 Threat Awareness & Reporting Program (TARP)

​TARP is a Department of the Army (DA) program covered under Army Regulation 381-12, mandating that all DA personnel report certain matters of CI interest to ACI. In addition, DA personnel (whether military or civilian) must receive a TARP briefing annually.  The preferred method for conducting TARP briefing training is in-person, and required to be given by a qualified ACI Special Agent.


Due to COVID restrictions and teleworking schedules ACI-NM provides convenient monthly TRAP training every 3rd Tuesday (@ 0900 & 1300 MST) of the month via MS Teams


Additionally, participants will be required to take a 10 minute CI Survey, hosted on Intelink, at the end of the brief. 'Credit' will only be given to those who take the survey.  Participants will have 24 hours to complete the survey. 


NM/WSMR/ATEC participants click on the following CI Survey); all other participants please click the following CI Survey).

 Become An ACI Special Agent

Being an ACI Special Agent is one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers in the military or federal government.  ACI Special Agents gain broad experience and are given responsibility early on in their careers.  To succeed, ACI Special Agents must have high moral standards, integrity, courage to do what is right, and respect/knowledge of the law.


If you are looking to join ACI as a military agent and are not yet enlisted, contact a U.S. Army recruiter today to ask about how to become an ACI Special Agent. If you are already in the military, view the prerequisites at (requires CAC):  HTTPS://IKN.ARMY.MIL/APPS/IKNHOSTEDWEBSITES/CIRECRUITING.


If you are considering joining as a civilian ACI Special Agent, all job announcements are advertised on HTTPS://WWW.USAJOBS.GOV.  As a condition of employment, all civilian ACI Special Agents are required to sign a mobility agreement.  This may result in one or more overseas moves and periodic assignments within the Continental United States (CONUS) and throughout an agent's career with ACI.  In addition, ACI Special Agents may be required to deploy on assignments to support military forces in high-risk environments.


Become an ACI Special Agent and join the Department of Defense's premier counterintelligence agency!