The commander of each member range appoints one representative to the EC. The EC oversees the activities of the RCC standing and ad hoc groups and assists the Range Commanders in all RCC undertakings. The EC members are direct representatives of the Range Commanders and act with full authority in all matters pertaining to the RCC. The EC elects its own chair and vice chair, and both serve for a two-year period.

Members of the EC must be of the highest technical and managerial caliber with ready access to their commanders and upper-level managers.

The responsibilities of the EC include, but are not limited to:

  • establishing and disseminating policies, directives, and procedures for the administration of all RCC elements;

  • establishing and fostering interrange dialogue to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the RCC as a tool to benefit the government's development and evaluation efforts; and

  • assigning and approving tasks, providing the resources necessary for their accomplishment.

Each member of the Executive Committee has dual and complementary functions: to represent his or her commander in all matters concerning the RCC, and to represent the other elements of the RCC to that commander.  

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