The Data Sciences Group (DSG) addresses the handling of data associated with the missions of its member organizations. The DSG seeks to identify common challenges, processes, and solutions to foster collaborative efforts which encourage standardization and re-use of appropriate solutions. All aspects of data handling are addressed, including data storage, retrieval, and protection; real-time and post-test analysis; display and visualization; modeling and simulation; mission continuity; and data/knowledge management. The group identifies and/or develops recommended standards, processes, systems, and tools to handle all types of data and metadata.

The DSG executes its mission by utilizing committees focused in particular technology or functional areas. The initial four committees are detailed below; as mission requirements

dictate, additional standing committees or ad-hoc subgroups will be formed to accomplish tasks and generate work products.

• The Data Management Committee (DMC) – The DMC promulgates standards, processes and other enablers to help ranges acquire, store, share, find, and protect data for their customers.

• The Data Analysis and Display Committee (DADC) – The DADC promotes the development and adoption of common real-time and post-test reduction, analysis, and display tools and standards through collaboration and sharing of resources.

• The Live, Virtual, Constructive Committee (LVCC) – The LVCC identifies common challenges, processes, and solutions to encourage effective utilization and interoperability of LVC technologies in complex and distributed test environments where real-world testing is not possible or cost effective. The committee serves as a liaison activity between the RCC and a myriad of existing modeling and simulation (M&S) and LVC organizations across DoD, industry, and academia.

• The Data Protection Committee (DPC) – The DPC promotes best business practices and methodologies that protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation throughout the system and data lifecycles as they apply to range operations. A primary focus of the DPC is the proper certification/accreditation of information systems to ensure maximum continuance.


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