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For residence to have visitors on the installation, exceptions to policy are no longer required. A visitor's pass may be obtained at the visitor's center.
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Contact Us:
  • Questions, Complaints, Comments, or Concerns

    During this critical time, protecting our employees' and residents' health and wellfare is a top priority, and we understand that you may have concerns about your well-being. We want to remind you of the ways to address your concerns, comments, and questions.
  • General Inquiries

    For General Inquiries: email‚Äč
  • Contact the Garrison Command

    First, we ask that you try to work things out through your chain of command. If you do not have a chain of command or feel that you need further assistance, you can reach out to the Garrison Command at 575-678-0222.
  • Contact The Installation Commander

    Employees, can anonymously contact the WSMR Commander BG Trybula via the Intranet home page "Contact the Installation Commander" button.

    Non-employees can also contact the WSMR Commander BG Trybula via email, visit the 'Contact the Installation Commander' page for further instructions.
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