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Lockdown Drill coming Oct. 4
September 27, 2017

​Preparation means keeping all of Team WSMR safe and ready to provide for our nation's defense. That's why on Wednesday, Oct. 4, White Sands Missile Range will conduct a Lockdown Drill in preparation for an installation-wide full-scale security exercise two weeks later on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

WHAT'S HAPPENING: During the Lockdown Drill on Oct. 4, offices around the post will practice securing their workspaces. Check with your supervisor about the role you will play. During the Full Scale Exercise on Oct. 18, both Las Cruces and El Paso gates will close from 9 a.m. till approximately 10:15 a.m. Additionally, Well Road will be closed that morning. We purposely timed this to avoid problems with school drop offs, but, if you have business on or off the post during these hours, please reschedule or plan your travel accordingly.

EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE: If you're on Post during the exercise, you may encounter traffic delays as the Directorate of Emergency Services practices its response procedures. You may also be asked to take actions that become part of the exercise. DES will also use the GIANT VOICE – the big speakers you see around the Post that usually play the daily bugle calls. During the exercise, you'll likely hear instructions being given, and we ask that you follow them. All of these messages will begin with the words "Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!"

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Certain buildings will "lockdown" as part of the exercise. Talk to your supervisor about how this will happen and what you need to know to help secure your office. Observers will check to see how well you've done, so be sure you know the proper procedure. And again, plan your travel so that you don't get stuck on the wrong side of a closed gate at the wrong time.

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