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U.S. Army photo by Miriam Rodriguez

White Sands Missile Range representatives break ground at the new state-of-the-art fueling facility building location on WSMR main cantonment area March 5 near the El Paso gate.

Pictured from left to right: Josetta A. Leyva, acting chief, Plans and Operations, LRC, Rupert Balderrama, chief, Supply and Services Division, LRC, Jose A. Toro, Director LRC, Garrison Commander Col. Dave Brown, Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Vincent McCormick, Jose A. Gallegos, Director DPW, Steve Bump, Construction Manager, TRC, and Luli Cueto, Contracting Officer Representative, LRC.

Three new fueling facilities coming to WSMR
WSMR Public Affairs
March 08, 2018

White Sands Missile Range will soon have three state-of-the-art fuel facilities following a ground breaking ceremony March 5 near the El Paso Gate. The fueling facilities will be located at main post, Rhodes Canyon and Stallion Range Camp.

Garrison Commander Col. Dave Brown and Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Vincent McCormick joined Logistic Readiness Center Director Jose A. Toro and TRC Government Services, LLC Construction Manager Steve Bump in breaking ground at the main cantonment building site in a ceremony attended by several LRC employees.

All three sites are to be Fully Operational Capable by Sept. 30, 2018. The old fueling stations will be demolished once the new ones are complete.

Toro said all three fueling facilities are well overdue and will be high tech operations.

"I wanted you all to be part of this history in the making with the LRC, that is why I asked you all to come out here and participate in this event," Toro told employees. "A lot of work went in to make this happen," Toro said as he thanked the TRC contractor, the DPW staff and WSMR Garrison.

Brown said this project is another example of teaming with the contractor.

"It is nothing unusual for what we do here at White Sands, because we deal with the LRC on a daily basis to deliver excellence and readiness to this installation," Brown said. "Partnering with contractors also allows us to do more with less."

"This is just another example of White Sands moving forward and providing a key service to the installation," Brown said. "We can't forget why we are here and what we are here to do, and that is to deliver readiness to the nation."

Brown also thanked LRC for their support. "We could not support the installation without the work you do every day."

The Defense Logistics Agency–Energy awarded the fixed-price contract for new fuel support services at three locations here at WSMR, consisting of a four-year Base Period and three five-year Options lasting until at least 2037. 

Rupert Balderrama, chief of Supply and Services Division for LRC said the contractor, TRC Government Services of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is tasked to receive, store, issue and account for DLA owned fuel products, as well as providing maintenance and repair of the three facilities thru the life of the contract. 

These are Contractor-Owned, Contractor-Operated facilities, so TRC is responsible to design-build-own-operate and maintain the infrastructure and equipment.  They are an experienced COCO contractor to DLA-E, beginning with the first such contract at Fort Bragg, NC in 1998 and now have eight locations, operating a total of 17 facilities. 

Balderrama said this is a Services Contract, and in order to perform those services it is necessary for TRC to build new facilities here at WSMR Main Post, Rhodes Canyon, and Stallion Range Center.  WSMR is providing the raw land via a lease that runs concurrent with the contract, as well as the utilities with connections at the boundaries of the properties.  TRC is then responsible for everything within the perimeter of their facility lease.  Using Best Commercial Practices, combined with certain design elements to meet WSMR requirements such as environmental, security, compatible fire alarm systems, etc., these sites will provide new and thus technologically-upgraded services.

Here on Main Post we will have four 24/7 retail islands with three dual-hose dispensers for gasoline, two for diesel and one for F24 Jet fuel.  Each island will have a Fuel Master pedestal for use with the VIL Key or GSA credit card.  Additionally the site will be manned Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for customer assistance, as well as issuing bulk fuels F24, diesel, and unleaded fuel.  There will be a total of seven horizontal, double-wall tanks storing 42,000 gallons of F24, and 24,000 gallons each of the diesel and unleaded fuel. 

Stallion Range Camp will have a facility much like the one here at Main Post.  However, there will be a single 24/7 island with dual-hose dispensers for unleaded fuel and diesel.  This will also be a manned facility with the same hours during the week as Main Post, so that the TRC Operators can dispense bulk F24 Jet and diesel.  There will be a total of five horizontal, double-wall tanks storing 24,000 gallons of F24, 27,000 gallons of diesel and 12,000 gallons of unleaded fuel.

The Rhodes Canyon facility will be located just west of the existing fuel site at the crossroads of Range Roads 6 and 7.  This site will have a single 24/7 fueling island with two dual-hose dispensers; one each for unleaded fuel and diesel.  There will be two horizontal, double-wall tanks storing 12,000 gallons each of unleaded fuel and diesel.

This shall be a long-term partnership between White Sands Missile Range, DLA Energy and TRC Government Services.  TRC will have three employees here at Main Post, including the Terminal Manager and Accountant for resolving the fuels accountability.  Stallion will also have three employees to manage that site, as well as the Rhodes Canyon facility.

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