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WSMR Scrap Metal Yard a Busy Operation

December 01, 2017

The White Sands Missile Range Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) has been a success onsite thanks to WSMR participants in the program.

One man, Benny Flores, the man behind WSMR's Scrap Metal Yard operation, has been an integral part of the program, which has continued to grow in scope and ability since January 2015. Scrap metal recycling has to be authorized through the local Army Garrison WSMR QRP.

Flores will tell a few stories about some of the grateful recipients of his help and the services provided by the Scrap Metal Yard. One of Flores' customers has brought plenty of scrap metal to Flores since the Yard started maintaining regular hours of operation. He was so thankful for Flores' help with offloading heavy and awkward scrap, he and some members of his team made a special plaque to thank him. They know his dedication to safety for all those who step onto the yard, and wanted to gift him a permanent reminder of their gratitude.

"I try to help everyone stay safe who visits the Scrap Metal Yard," said Flores. "We're trying to get more certified forklift operators, too, to make sure everyone has help when they have bulky items."

Funds from recycling metal go back into the QRP.

"The WSMR QRP has taken over our own metal sales, rather than allowing subcontractors to handle the sales," Flores said. "That has saved us quite a bit of money. And the program is growing because people now know they can bring scrap metal to us."

Flores is willing to go above and beyond to help those with scrap metal on their hands. Warehouses, offices and shops on site that aren't sure if they have recyclable scrap can schedule a visit from Flores. He will walk through the area and let employees know what scrap they can bring to the yard for recycling. He is also happy to help direct people where to take other items that the Scrap Metal Yard doesn't accept. Flores can be reached at his cell phone (575) 640-8522. Or, call (575) 678-2225 with questions about what can be recycled or the proper way to separate items. Flores has offered to work with those who may need a later drop-off time or assistance, and there is a forklift on site for large items.

The Scrap Metal Yard is located at the end of Watertown Road heading East on Farewell Boulevard. The hours of operation are posted at the yard: Monday to Thursday 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 to 2:30 pm.

  • Aluminum/copper/other materials should be separated and will be deposited in different bins.
  • Please wear all required PPE such as gloves, safety glasses, and hardhats and steel toe boots for large items.
  • Do not bring items like hazardous waste, chemicals, or paint. Metal drums must be clean and drained. Oil filters are accepted if they have been punctured and allowed to drain for 24 hours prior to bringing them.
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