October is Domestic Violence Prevention / Awareness Month


This year's theme for the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) domestic violence prevention/awareness month  is "United to End Domestic Violence". This is to remind and promote a shared community responsibility of supporting those impacted by domestic abuse. While FAP is the "keeper" of awareness, education, prevention, and intervention of all Family violence related issues FAP is not solely responsible. 


All community members and agencies should create a climate that is unacceptable of domestic abuse by not concealing or overlooking an incident but to provide support for victims by providing FAP or MilitaryOneSource contact information, make a report of known or suspected domestic abuse to either FAP, WSMR DES or Command, and allow those impacted by domestic abuse the opportunities to obtain counseling, medical treatment, or victim advocacy services without barriers.


FAP is able to assist with education and appropriate resource referrals to help mitigate stressors and triggers of Family violence.  While getting help may be difficult, FAP is available 24/7 via WSMR's Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) hotline at 575-993-7413.






Take the pledge & get your FREE tool kit: purple light, purple ribbon, or window picture, Domestic Violence information and various family advocacy program goodies. (while supplies last)

 * Come to WSMR ACS, Bldg 250 throughout October or Drive-thru at White Sands Homes parking lot on 2 October from 9-10:00 AM and 6 October from 2-3:00 PM


Feel free to reach out to the Family Advocacy Program on the WSMRACS Facebook page.



Check out the WSMR Public Affairs article for more information:  or


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