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MISSION: The Directorate of Emergency Services is committed to providing a law enforcement and fire protection workforce of professional, knowledgeable, service driven people working together and with our local, state, and federal partners to be the best emergency services unit possible.

VISION: The Directorate Of Emergency Services will ensure the safety and security of the people on WSMR, making the installation safer, stronger, and more vibrant place to live and work.  Having a highly trained workforce of law enforcement, fire, and security professionals, utilizing the most modern equipment available, DES is ready to provide the best service possible to Team WSMR. 

VALUES: Public Safety is fundamental to our way of life and our future. We will build trust and confidence in our abilities, programs, and our employees through progressive enforcement and support activities, highly effective execution of our responsibilities, and rapid and professional response to any emergency. As members of the Directorate of Emergency Services, US Army Garrison White Sands Missile Range, we dedicate ourselves to:

  • Providing reliable and professional emergency services to our customers
  • The protection of life, property, wildlife, the environment, and historical artifacts
  • The safety and security of all members of the WSMR community and Team WSMR
  • The enforcement of both military and civilian laws, regulations, and directives as mandated
  • Maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity
  • Maintaining the highest standards of personal fitness and professional appearance



All visitors to White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) must have a valid need for access and a White Sands Missile Range Point of Contact (POC) or sponsor for that visitor. The exception for this is to visit the Missile Park and Museum (in this case access will be restricted to the area of the museum). 

When visitors arrive they must have a valid state or federal ID, a WSMR sponsor or POC and provide that information to the access clerks or guards at the gate. 

Entry Requirements for person without a Valid DOD ID Card requesting unescorted access:

  • A valid purpose for entering the installation; (Attend Meeting, visit Museum, Job interview, etc.)
  • Valid driver's license
  • Current vehicle registration (If operating a vehicle)
  • Proof of current insurance (If operating a vehicle)
  • License plate number
  • Provide the destination, name of facility, building number, street address, or unit name/designation

The visitor's POC/sponsor will be contacted and the visitor will be ran through the NCIC-III database and a determination will be made for acceptability.

Once acceptability has been determined a Temporary Gate Pass will be issued for short visits not to exceed 14 days. 

For visits that exceed this time frame the visitors MUST have a SPONSOR and complete the Form 5000.  The Form 5000 contains personal information and it must be protected. DO NOT transmit over open e-mail. Protect the document with a password and send the two forms over separate e-mails or provide information to the POC/Sponsor who will submit with an encrypted email" and 102 for Main Post and/or Up Range. 

A pass completed by this method can be up to 365 days from the completed NCIC-III Check. (Done with the Form 5000 or a Temporary Gate Pass).  The request forms must be submitted by the POC/Sponsor and not the requestor.

Once acceptability has been determined, the Form 102 will be returned to the POC/Sponsor and the visitor will be granted a temporary pass to go to the WSMR access badge processing center. 

For more information, please contact the Installation Physical Security Section at:



 Director  678-2503  FIRE DEPARTMENT  
 DES Admin  678-3076  DISPATCH 678-1234  678-1234 For emergencies call 911
 Systems IT  678-0690/4105  Fire Chief  678-0314
 Logistics  678-8855  Deputy Fire Chief  678-2600
 Telecom Specialist  678-0955  Assistant Fire Chief  678-0470
 POLICE DIVISION    Fire Station #1  678-0357
 DISPATCH  678-1234 For emergencies call 911  Fire Station #2  678-9128
 Chief of Police  678-4351  Fire Station #3  679-4434
 Operations  678-6864  Fire Station #4  679-5167
 Patrol Captain  678-5134  Assistant Chief for Fire Prevention  678-3585
 Special Operations Captain  678-3751  Fire Inspectors  678-7866/2688
 Patrol Supervisors  678-3751  Assistant Chief (Training)  678-2253
 Investigations  678-0842  PHYSICAL SECURITY  
 Traffic  678-0415  Security Chief  678-8602
 Game Wardens  678-1119/1190/5497  Security Inspector  678-7905/5414
 Training  678-7513   Access Control  678-7626/5414/5605/1302/1099

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