REFERENCE: AR 600-8-19 , Chapter 3


  • Execute 100% of orders for approved promotions on time and without error.
  • Complete 100% of initial, reevaluation and point adjustment requests that are received on time.
  • Return initial point computations that are received on time to commanders NLT the end of the month.
  • For reevaluations and point adjustments that are received on time, input new promotion points into EDAS by end of that month.
  • Monitor 100% of waiver allocations.


  • Commanders must provide Unit Enlisted Advancement Report (AAA 117 and DA Form 4187 waivers and denied advancements) NLT 15th day of the month prior to the month the soldier is promoted. Denied promotions must be entered into e-MILPO by initiating a Flag Code by the 20th of the month, preceding the month of the automatic promotion.
  • Promotion boards for SGT/SSG must be held between the 20th day of the proceeding month and must be completed in such a timely fashion as to support approved point submission (by the S-1) no later than the eighth day of the recommended month.

    • For promotion orders, AG screens EDAS for WSMR Soldiers who meet promotion cut-off scores and are identified to be promoted. AG ensures these Soldiers meet the appropriate NCOES level schooling, and are in a promotable status before cutting order. If not, Soldier and commander are notified of promotion delay and of schooling that must be completed before promotion can be effected. Verify service remaining obligations of Soldiers being promoted to SGT and SSG.
    • Soldiers in the grades of SPC through SGT may access the “Soldier Self-Service” DA Form 3355, regardless of promotable status. Soldiers may access this application via the HRC Enlisted Promotion Homepage ( https://www.hrc.army.mil/site/active/Select/enlisted.htm ). Look for the application box (right side) that lists an application called “Soldier Self-Service Automated DA Form 3355”. All soldiers must use AKO user ID and password to gain access. This provides all eligible Soldiers an avenue to see how many promotion points they would have prior to appearing before a promotion board. While soldiers in a non-promotable status may view and update Select categories or affect changes to the automated DA Form 3355, points will not be applied to a promotion score until after successful completion of a promotion board appearance. Soldiers in a promotable status that update Select categories on the automated DA Form 3355, or affect changes through ERB updates, will have those changes applied to their promotion score. There is no longer a 20-point minimum requirement for adjustments; soldiers may add points as they are earned at any time.
    • For Unit Enlisted Advancement Reports, Commanders review the waiver allocation report for PV2 and PFC by company. SPC is consolidated and calculated at battalion or regiment level. The Unit Enlisted Advancement Report is turned in to AG NLT the 15th day of the month prior to promotion month. AG conducts a monthly audit of all serving units waiver ceilings, authorized strength for SPC, and number of assigned PV2/PFC. AG returns inaccurate computation to BNS1 for corrections.
    • Unless otherwise stated, if a suspense falls on a non-duty day (I.e. post training holiday, weekend, federal holiday), then the suspense is automatically moved to the next duty day.

    WEBSITE CONNECTIONS: https://www.hrc.army.mil/site/Active/Select/Promo.htm Enlisted Selection and Promotion

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