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  REFERENCE: AR 614-200, Chapter 5, & AR 614-100, Chapter 6,


  • 100% of requests are processed within 5 working days of receipt.


  • Ensure requests meet provisions of Chap 5, Section III, AR 614-200, and contains appropriate substantiating documentation.


  • Soldier prepares application and forwards through chain of command for endorsement to AG. As a minimum, application must contain the following:
    • DA Form 3739 (Request for Compassionate Reassignment)
    • DA Form 31 (if attached to White Sands Missile Range from Overseas)
    • Medical Problems: A signed statement from the attending physician giving the specific medical diagnosis and prognosis of illness. The statement will include date of onset, past and anticipated periods of hospitalization, period of convalescence, and anticipated life expectancy for terminal cases. The statement will list any other factors which establish the soldierĀ“s presence as having a bearing on the medical condition.
    • Legal Problems: A signed statement from a licensed attorney stating the problems and the reasons why alternative solutions other than reassignment of the soldier are unacceptable. If applicable, a copy of court order, divorce decree, or other pertinent legal documents will be submitted.
    • Rape and child abuse: Statements from police, social service agencies and/or examining physicians.
    • Other problems: Supporting statements from responsible persons (for example clergymen, social workers, court clerks, American Red Cross personnel), who have personal knowledge of the problem.
  • S1 ensures request is accurate and contains appropriate documentation and sends thru Personnel Services Branch for AG recommendation.
  • AG ensures requests are in compliance, processes, and forwards to HRC for decision.
  • Upon receipt from HRC, response is returned to Soldier through Chain of Command.

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