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U.S. Army Garrison White Sands provides and integrates support to our stakeholders enabling strategic partners to deliver readiness to the Nation.




Pride, Performance, Success- Enabling Warfighter Readiness- Grounded in our Values 


   The U.S. Army Garrison White Sands is a coherent command that draws its strength from the 13 directors and specialty staff making us far greater than the sum of our parts (Communicate, Coordinate, and Collaborate).  We will act decisively and with confidence, but not in isolation. 


   We will be an expert in the delivery of readiness platforms.  Staffed by a workforce that is reflexively competent in our mission to deliver services, while remaining thoughtful and professional in the leadership of our Soldiers and Civilians.


   Acknowledging that we are in a time of resource constraints, there are some areas where we must be on point and held accountable to succeed, and not in areas where risk is assumed.  I have grouped our key tasks and interactions into three categories: our Core Functions, Partnership, and Preserving the Force.  This is tough business, each key task and our priorities remain in constant tension with one another; leadership must be applied to reduce friction and add clarity.  We must adapt to our changing environment.


   Clearly, we have demonstrated excellence in delivering services to the installation and integrating our efforts with enterprise partners.  Let us not forget that without the loyalty and passion of our people and the support of their families, we have nothing.


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