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Transportation Office, Bldg. 143, Rm 216

  • Transportation Service Provider (TSP) may have been in contact with you reference your shipment; however for further assistance or any questions you may have, contact the Transportation Office at (575) 678-3506.
  • Quick Tips:
    • Once your shipment has been picked up at origin, your move coordinator or the TSP will/can let you know your weight.  If you are close to being over weighted, request a reweigh prior to delivery.  If you did a direct delivery (shipment is picked up and does not go into storage in transit (SIT), goes straight to your residence) request a reweigh as well if you are close/overweight.

                 On the delivery date/s you must ensure that:

    • Have your inventory available so you can check off the items as the carrier brings them into your residence (accountability).
    • Soldiers - you are authorized 90 days Storage in Transit (SIT) and IN WRITING you can apply for a 2nd 90-day period of Storage In Transit (SIT). Civilians - your order will state your entitlement.
    • You must be available between 0800-1700 hours, or if you cannot be available, you should appoint an agent (in writing) to act on your behalf.
    • For Safety: sidewalks and stairs must be free of toy and other items that could cause a trip or fall. You must keep all PETS secured during delivery. Small children must be closely monitored.
    • You must know where you want items placed in each room; the carrier is only required to do a onetime placement. All items disassembled by the carrier at origin will be reassembled by the carrier at destination. If you request a complete unpack, the items will be removed from the cartons and placed in the location you designated. Items may be placed in closets and cupboards if you desire; however, they are not required to organize things for you. If unpacking service is waived, then you will be responsible for disposing of your boxes. If there are firearms in your shipment you must verify that all firearms are accounted for by make, model, and serial number prior to carrier's departure. Shipment coming from Storage in Transit (SIT) the TSP will coordinate with you a few day prior or the morning of to let you know the approximate time they will be arriving for delivery.
    • Any items requiring special services or 3rd party reassembly must be approved by transportation prior to the service being done.
    • Any vandalism or poor quality service should be immediately reported to the Quality Control Officer (QA) (575) 678-5005.
    • Once your property has been delivered one of the individuals on the delivery team will go over all the paperwork.  Do not sign blank forms.  Ask questions
      1. DD Form 619-1: They will ask you to sign this form to verify long carries, stair carries, and other accessorial services. Please do not sign a blank form. If you are in doubt please contact transportation prior to signing a form.
      2. DD Form 1840 DPM or Local Storage: This form is a joint statement of loss and damage. The carrier will bring 5 copies with carbon. The carrier will annotate any loss or visible damage they see prior to departure from residence. If no apparent damage is seen make sure the word "none" is written in block 13c of the form prior to signing. The carrier will leave you 3 copies with carbons. You have 70 days from the date of delivery to record all additional loss/damage you find on the DD Form 1840r (back of DD Form 1840).
  • Personal Procured Move (PPM). Same as DITY or Do it yourself move:
    • Upon completion of the PPM move, have the Transportation Office review the documents and submit your packet IAW the appropriate guidelines for the installation.

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