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A giant step has been taken with many more to go and so many to thank
By Eddie Kennedy, President WSMR Historical Foundation
November 06, 2017


Plans for using WSMR Historical Foundation funding to help pay for the expansion of the WSMR museum took a big step closer to reality on September 28th when the acting Secretary of the Army, Ryan D. McCarthy, informed the Foundation he would accept the Foundation's donation for expansion of the facility.

The Foundation offered a conditional donation of up to $800,000 to fund this effort subject  to applicable regulations and final approval by the Foundation's Board of Directors (WSMR Historical Foundation By-Laws require a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors to obligate more than ten percent of the Foundation's cash as- sets). This qualifies.

Approval from the acting Secretary of the Army is indeed a crucial step but definitely not the last hurdle on the way to groundbreaking. Final design and costs have yet to be reviewed and the particulars for transferring Foundation funds from the Foundation to the Army must still be settled.

A unique accounting code will be established for the Foundation's donation that will restrict withdrawal of funds to only expansion activities. This will protect donor contributions from being used for purposes not associated with the museum. It is still too early to identify a start date for construction activities, but early 2018 is being targeted.

Expansion of the museum is made possible by the financial contributions from members of the Foundation and the generosity of corporate donors who recognize that promoting our past goes a long way to promote our future.

The WSMR Historical Foundation will soon be redoubling its efforts to broaden its member- ship and seek additional corporate contributions for future endeavors. Two goals are to strengthen our support of STEM-related initiatives (Science- Technology-Engineering-Math) and increase the museum's connectivity with the local community.

We hope to see you soon at the anticipated gala groundbreaking ceremony for the new museum structure.

And a special thanks to all of you who have worked so hard on this project, have donated to it and continue to work on it.


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