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WSMR Recycle Program Only 1 percent Away from Goal

October 02, 2017

​Since the first Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) was officially established in 2012 at White Sands Missile Range, the program has successfully built a homegrown, nearly self-sufficient program that has allowed WSMR to be much closer to the Army's solid waste diversion goal of 50 percent.

The program, managed by QRP Program Managers Debbie Hartell and Brian Knight, has grown each year and participation has increased, reducing the entire installation's carbon footprint. The support of the WSMR's DPW Roads and Grounds crew has facilitated the transport of recyclable materials to Friedman Recycling in El Paso, diverting tons of solid waste that otherwise would be buried in a landfill. This diversion likely means WSMR will reach the Army's 50 percent goal in the very near future.

"We owe much of our success to George Dill and his Roads and Grounds team," Hartell says. "They have fully supported this program from day one."

Unlike most Army installations, WSMR's QRP was funded and developed internally, with a push from staff and proceeds gained from the sale of scrap metal, used oil, and municipal solid waste recycling. The initial set of trailers and bins were purchased and got the program off the ground. Now 10 recycling trailers are set up around the base, and all offices, shops and warehouses have blue recycling containers.

"If they don't, they should!" says Hartell. "People can call the QRP office at 678-2225 with questions, or to pick up a container for their office. We have lots of containers."

Some important notes that the QRP staff would like Missile Ranger readers to know:

  • Recycling high grade paper and cardboard is mandatory for federal agencies (40 CFR Part 246.200-202).
  • Please make sure to flatten all of the cardboard boxes before placing them in the recycling trailers. Doing so allows the program to be much more efficient.
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