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​White Sands Missile Range Commander Brig. Gen. Eric L. Sanchez, right, and WSMR Command Sgt. Maj. William Maddox, left, present Ginger Reynolds with a plaque of appreciation. Reynolds was the guest speaker at the Aug. 24 Women's Equality Day luncheon at the Frontier Club.

Women's Equality Day
By Miriam U. Rodriguez, Editor
August 24, 2017

​The White Sands Missile Range Women's Equality Day luncheon, attended by WSMR leaders and employees, opened with a tribute to military women presentation Aug. 24 at the Frontier Club recognizing their contributions to the military.

"We are here to celebrate honor and never forget that amazing day when the strength, struggle, perseverance, tenacity, hope, faith, and undying commitment came to fruition," said guest speaker Ginger Reynolds, wife of Post Chaplain Timothy Reynolds. "The women who never gave up and never let the challenges and obstacles stop them, were finally able to vote."

Even though they may not have lived so see their final victory in 1920, Reynolds said they started an incredibly brave movement that has continued throughout the years.

"The barriers that were once there have fallen, one at a time," Reynolds said. "We can be that one person that can light a spark and set the whole world on fire."

Today we still have obstacles and continue to fight for equality. "We need to continue to encourage and teach other women…remind them of this rich history and what it means for them today."

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