Resource Management

Welcome to the Directorate of Resource Management, White Sands Missile Range web site.  Our staff at the Resource Management is here to provide professional analysis and advice regarding the budgetary and accounting records pertaining to Mission resource (dollars and manpower) issues and to take (or advise) appropriate action to ensure appropriate use of public funds.  Please explore our site to learn about the services we offer you, our customers.

Contact Information:

Phone: 575-678-4345 DSN: 2584345

FAX: 575-678-7711, DSN: 258-7711



Directorate of Resource Management

100 Headquarters Avenue

White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002


The Directorate of Resource Management provides financial resource management, budget, financial planning, managerial accounting, policy, compliance, and management analysis support for WSMR.   It serves as the interface between higher headquarters (i.e., HQATEC) and WSMR organizations for these functions. This directorate also exercises staff and technical supervision for resources, which includes both financial, and manpower activities, budgeting, managerial accounting, management analysis, and contract analysis.   The director serves as the Chief Financial Officer, and the principal financial advisor to the Commanding General and the Executive Director .   The Manpower Office falls under the Director which includes; General Manpower and Force Management, Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBE), and Equipment Management.

Budget Division:

The Budget Division performs the full scope of program planning, budgeting, test resource management analysis and justification functions required to acquire financial resources needed by WSMR to perform its current and future mission.  Provide technical leadership in development of consolidated WSMR budgets for RDT&E direct Test Support and other miscellaneous program element and appropriations budgets.  Ensure budget submissions comply with prescribed budget methods, practices, procedures, regulations, precedents, and policies.  Provide budget development and execution support to the WSTC Director and other staff offices.  Provide budget and resource management services to the WSTC and other subordinate organizational elements of the WSTC.  To ensure quality budget assistance we have three branches, and they are; Reimbursable Branch, Program & Operations Branch, and the Funds Control Branch.

Management and Accounting Division:

The Management and Accounting Division performs the full range of support activities for major contracts, workload analysis and accounting functions in support of mission activities within the range.  The Division is responsible for issues related to concept plans, support agreements, internal control program, contract funding oversight, reimbursable civilian and contractor direct labor hours oversight, and overall planning and support of accounting operations and related systems.  This division administers and oversees various management and accounting programs and systems to ensure all are in compliance with applicable policies and regulations. To ensure quality assistance we have two branches, and they are; Management and Contract Branch, and Finance and Accounting Branch.

POC Information:
Director's Office    Phone # Bldg 100, Room
Director, RM (Mission) 575-678-5561         101A
Manpower Analyst 575-678-6421         101B
Secretary 575-678-4345         101
Office Fax 575-678-7711         101
Budget Division Division    Phone # Bldg 100, Room
Chief, Budget Division 575-678-2207         124
Chief, Reimbursable Branch 575-678-0054         128
Chief, Programs & Operations Branch 575-678-2405         116
Chief, Funds Control Branch 575-678-2405         116
Management & Accounting Division    Phone # Bldg 124, Room
Chief Management & Accounting Division 575-678-5561         312A
Chief, Managerial Accounting Branch 575-678-6421         326A
Chief, Management & Contract Branch 575-678-4345         329A