Range Operations Directorate

The Range Operations Directorate (RO) establishes and implements policies, programs and procedures; coordinates range operations and data measurements; and has complete flight safety control for all missiles, rockets, munitions and other devices launched from or into WSMR, or which pass through WSMR controlled airspace. 

The directorate conducts flight safety management, schedules and controls all range operations, and operates a vast inventory of instrumentation used in the test and evaluation of systems and weapons.  Data are collected on any variety of assets such as missiles, rockets, aircraft, bombs, munitions, ground systems and targets.  The primary data collection systems are telemetry, radar, optics, Global Positions System (GPS), timing, meteorology and remote target control.  Various instrumentation systems are used to receive, record and relay test data.  This data is processed for real-time display at facilities where test conductors, flight safety officers and range controllers monitor and manage the test.  Post mission, the data is used for comprehensive analysis of a given test.  An important test enabler capability is the White Sands Integrated Target Control System (WITS).  The WITS enables the range to provide target presentations for weapons tests.  The WITS is fully certified to control a wide variety of targets to include both full-scale drones (e.g., OF-4 and OF-16) and subscale aircraft drones.  As a full-service system, the WITS also controls dynamic ground vehicles such as consumer and tactical assets that range from pickup trucks to tanks.  Instrumentation systems are available for measuring basic physical properties, including mass, temperature, force, pressure, position, velocity and acceleration.  Acoustic and electro-optics instrumentation is also available, including visible and infrared imaging and nonimaging systems.  Virtually all test support capabilities are transportable to enable the range to reconfigure as required to support specific test program requirements.  This ability also enables the range to regularly "safari" test support to locations worldwide.  In addition to traditional range instrumentation, the directorate operates the Aerial Cable Range (ACR).  The ACR is a 3-mile-long Kevlar cable strung between two mountain peaks.  Large targets can be suspended and rocket-propelled down the cable or drop-tested. 

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