Center for Countermeasures (CCM)

DoD and CCM Logos The Center for Countermeasures is a joint Service agency operating under the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Director, Operational Test and Evaluation.  Its mission is to direct, coordinate, support, and conduct independent countermeasure/counter-countermeasure test and evaluation activities for U.S. and foreign weapon systems, subsystems, sensors, and related components.

Civilian scientists and technical personnel provide Service-independent countermeasure susceptibility and/or vulnerability analysis, testing, evaluation, and assessment throughout a weapons system's life cycle.  The Center also conducts, coordinates, or participates in foreign equipment exploitation within defined program countermeasure objectives.  Activities complement or supplement, but do not duplicate, various Service and Intelligence program efforts.

The Center makes recommendations for improvements to system developers and decision makers, as well as to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  These activities and recommendations contribute greatly to the production of countermeasure-hardened U.S. weapons systems and the improved capabilities necessary for these systems to function effectively in the increasingly hostile environments found on the modern battlefield.

The Center's fully mobile test teams are capable of operating under a wide variety of environmental countermeasure/counter-countermeasure test operations on a worldwide basis.  Center personnel develop, maintain, and operate an inventory of unique countermeasure equipment and techniques not under development, or unavailable within other Department of Defense components' programs, as well as use military hardware in their inventory and pyrotechnics.

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