Many airfields are available on WSMR and surrounding WSMR with a mix of both military and civilian airfields to support WSMR operations. The most frequently used airfields in the WMSR area are shown on the 'WSMR Airfields' map. The 'WSMR Sectional' chart shows all airfields in the WSMR area which have been used to support previous WSMR missions.

WSMR Airfields:

Condron AAF, Located southeast of the main WSMR Post area.

Stallion AAF, Located in the northwest portion of WSMR at Stallion Range Center.

Space Harbor, Currently inactive and not maintained. Previously used as emergency landing site for Space Shuttle.

Holloman AFB, U.S. Air Force base located on east side of WSMR, southwest of Alamogordo, NM.

Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport, Civilian airport located on east side of WSMR, east of Holloman AFB.

Spaceport America – Commercial spaceport with runway, located west of the WSMR boundary.

Biggs AAF at Ft Bliss in El Paso TX, Former USAF bomber base, located to northeast of Ft Bliss in El Paso and just northwest of El Paso International Airport.

Las Cruces International Airport, Located west of WSMR and Las Cruces, NM.

El Paso International Airport, Located south of WSMR, adjacent to Ft Bliss and Biggs AAF.

Socorro Airport, Located northwest of WSMR Stallion Center.

Albuquerque International - Kirtland AFB, Located north of WSMR.