Information Operations Laboratory

The Information Operations (IO) Lab is designed to support Army Research Laboratories (ARL's) Survivability/Leathality Analysis Directorite (SLAD) in its vulnerability/survivability assessments of Information Technology (IT) components in US Army item level and weapon systems platforms. The IO Lab consists of computers and software that are part of the Army Common Hardware Software 2 (CHS-2) program, many of which are part of the First Digitized Division. Several different configurations of computers, from low-end Intel processors to high-end Sun Micro System multi-processor computers, can be configured to emulate the configuration of fielded systems. Laboratory investigations are conducted on systems to identify IO susceptibilities and/or vulnerabilities. These vulnerability investigations can be destructive from a software perspective. Hence, the IO Lab is an ideal place to install operating systems and application software that mimic a fielded system. Much of the IO Lab capability is portable in order to support field investigations.

The IO Lab can also be configured to support several different network topologies and configurations with CISCO (a brand name) routers, switches and hubs. The ability to reconfigure the network allows for assessment of router and component vulnerablility to outside network attacks. The network can be split into different network segments depending on the investigation. One of the network segments can launch attacks while another can be used to monitor network traffic and assess network intrusion detection software, while the platform systems are on a different network.