Space Testing White Sands Missile Range has an extensive history for rockets, missile, UAV, and space vehicle testing.  White Sands Missile Range has supported testing and evaluation efforts for Apollo, Skylab, Delta Clipper, X-40, Space Shuttle, and Orion CEV projects.

Space Testing Space Testing

Space Testing

Some benefits to using White Sands Missile Range:

  • White Sands Missile Range controls all the airspace within the range, elevation 4000ft MSL, with 340 days of sunshine, and streamlined regulatory environment.
  • New Mexico offers space companies tax breaks, investment incentives, and job training programs.
  • White Sands Missile Range depth of experience, facilities, and partnerships in the space industry.
  • Proximity to NASA White Sands Test Facility and Spaceport America.

List of Services and Facilities:

Space Testing

  • Rocket Launch Services
  • Rocket Motor Testing
  • Launch and Recovery
  • Flight Termination Testing
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Spin Test Facility
  • Solar Furnace Facility
  • Radiation Effects/ Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Test Facilities
  • Thrust Stands
  • Vacuum Chamber