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Photo: TestingWSMR engineers and scientists perform Services necessary to support the Integrated Test and Experiment Strategy for planning, design, conduct, analysis, and reporting using operational research, system engineering and scientific methods over the Life Cycle for military hardware and software.

To support these services White Sands Test Center provides all the Capabilities necessary to ensure the success of any test brought to White Sands Missile Range. These capabilities are routinely utilized by the Army, Navy Air Force and other authorized customers to support their diverse test requirements.

White Sand Missile Range┬┤s Test and Evaluation Strategy has rapidly become recognized throughout the United States Military┬┤s Test and Evaluation Community as the premier location for conducting weapon system test and evaluation.

Photo: TestingRepeated support of Roving Sands is a perfect example of the services that can be provided by the civilian, military and contractor personnel assigned to the center.



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