The increasing complexity of weapon systems has lead to system comprised of multiple electronic, electric, or electromechanical subsystems. Inherent in this situation is the possibility that the emissions of one subsystem will degrade the performance of another and thereby have a negative impact on the entire system as a whole. The purpose of EMC testing is to explore and document this phenomenon. All EMC testing conducted at WSMR is performed in accordance with MILSTD-E-605D.


Entire Body Uniform Illuminations at:
Full Threat - 100KHz - 500Mhz
Spot Illumination - 500MHz - 40GHz
AM, FM, PM and CW Modulations.
Three Separate 70-ton Turntable Sites
Very Large Radiated Emissions (RE) Test Cell

Electromagnetic Survivability Division
(505) 678-8341 or (505) 678-6107
DSN 258-8341

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